Bird Deterrent

Absen have carried out numerous projects installing, repairing and replacing bird deterrent netting wires and spikes. These projects have been on varying structures, from: churches, cathedrals, hospitals, offices, Industrial Units, hotels, Restaurants and take away outlets to name a few.

Some Of Our Services Include

  • Removal of birds safely from inside netting and re-sealing.
  • Repair damaged, old bird netting, bird spikes and wires.
  • Removal of inappropriately placed netting.
  • Removal of and Re-instatement of netting to prevent re-entry of birds during building / Re-furbishment projects.
  • Installation of new netting, spiking and wires
  • Clean and remove fouling from the building/structure and replace netting, spikes & wires accordingly.


Absen are pleased to be a supplier of Bird Free and New Silver Bird Free in the UK and we are able to offer excellent prices for cleaning of existing fouled areas and the installation of Bird free gel to high level properties.

Bird Free Case Study

case-studyMaclom Taylor – Radley House, Thamesmead
“I have had a big problem with pigeons fouling and nesting on the glass roofs on either side of our tower blocks. How do you proof a virtually flat glass roof 12 floors up? I was really interested when Bird Free came along.

Because the work needs to be done by abseiling it took some organising. We treated one block as a test and we were delighted with the results. You see the birds fly from their nesting sites towards the roofs and then turn away. It appears not a single bird has landed since the treatment.”

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