RAIL and Geotechnical Services

Absen rope access has been working in conjunction with various companies including BAM Ritchies, BAM Nuttall, CAN Geotechnical over many years to stabilise and retain various cliffs, embankments and slopes both on railway and motorway infrastructure. Using experienced technicians we have been able to install soil nails, catchment netting and retaining systems to hold together otherwise failing material.

We have a wealth of knowledge in the installation of Ischebeck Soil nails, Macaferri netting, Platipus anchors and many more. We have worked together with large and small companies to carry the installation of these systems to provide the safe stabilisation of some of the major railway and motorway systems in the UK including the VIRGIN Gatwick express line at Hooley Cutting in Surrey.

To compliment our Geotechnical services we are also able to offer assistance for site investigation services to steep embankments and cuttings where soil investigation and sampling is required. Having worked with major companies and built string standing relationships in the Geo Site Investigation field we actively work with BAM Ritchies and BAM Nuttalls as preffered contractors to carry out site investigation services.

In conjunction with this we are also able to offer de-vegetation services to remove trees, thick vegetation and foliage to enable site investigation and remedial work to be carried out.

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